Here we present inspirational stories we wrote about our transformational journeys.

Each blog features our philosophy based on personal development, reconnecting with nature and conservation and stewardship, that we want to share with you. This foundation guides us on our journeys of personal growth, as we take ownership, initiative and responsibility. Through this process, we develop to become self-confident mentors and leaders, empowered to face every challenge head on. By sharing these insights with you, we invite you to become a part of our community and join us on your own trail to empowerment. 

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Lost and Found

During my time at the ranch, I gained a sense of self worth, responsibility and purpose. I experienced personal growth and this is my transformational journey. This is how I found myself again.… Read More

Mentor Guiding

Being a mentor guide with Chilcotin Holidays is so much more than showing our guests the mountains on a relaxing holiday. We empower our guests to learn new skills, develop a deeper nature connection and contribute to the group environment, allowing them to undergo a personal transformation in an authentic wilderness experience.… Read More

What is the Wilderness Stewardship Foundation

This article explains to you how the wilderness stewards of the WSF’s conservation work protects the nature and ecosystem of the South Chilcotin Mountains for long into the future.… Read More

Bighorn Sheep

Recording the number of Bighorn Sheep in the area is vital to understanding the population, determine survival rates and assess how best we can work to conserve the species. Each wildlife sighting is recorded so we can create an accurate count of the sheep in the area.… Read More

South Chilcotin Mountain Trail

What people want from a holiday has changed in the last decade. Now, the opportunity to get involved with local culture and make your contribution to nature conservation is facilitated by Chilcotin Holidays. An eco-tourism holiday, in the form of a horse packing trip, is the perfect way to make a positive and enduring difference for our environment.… Read More

Snow Ride Chilcotin Mountains

Life at the ranch teaches us many valuable skills, from shoeing and packing horses, to navigating through the wilderness. But, the greatest lessons we can learn here are about ourselves. We can gain the confidence to face any challenge with positivity and take our own initiative. Now, our futures are exciting, not scary.… Read More

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