Being a Mentor Guide on a Pack Trip

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A wildlife viewing pack trip with Chilcotin Holidays is the perfect opportunity for our guests to reconnect with nature and experience personal growth. But this also happens for us, the mentor guides, as every trip we gain a greater sense of empowerment and experience our own personal transformation. This is how my first time as a mentor guide transformed me.… Read More

The Trail to Self-Actualization is a Rugged Mountain Slope

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Gaining self-confidence and becoming inspired is a transformational journey full of ups and downs. Challenges are learning experiences, we become stronger as we find a way to solve them. The result is personal growth and self-actualization and that is a reward which makes every challenge worth the struggle.… Read More

Kamloopa Pow Wow

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Attending the Kamloopa Pow Wow gave us the opportunity to experience and learn from First Nations culture through the common interest of song and dance. The community environment was strong, it mirrored and complemented our own ranch mindset, helping us on our transformational journey to personal growth.… Read More

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