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The Trails to Empowerment community partners offer both hands-on experiences and online learning. Check out our partners below.

Hands-on Partners

  • Chilcotin Holidays: Wilderness ecotours
  • Chilcotin Ark Institute: Conservation and stewardship
  • Bridge River Valley Accommodation: Cabin rental in remote wilderness locations

Online Partners

  • Wilderness Training Academy: Personal development courses
  • Chilcotin Ark Institute: Conservation and stewardship
  • Newsletter and social media community: Personal develpoment, Nature connection, Conservation and stewardship content

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Summary: During my time at the ranch, I have experienced a true nature connection. I’ve faced new challenges, witnessed the undisturbed wilderness and experienced my own self-reflection. This has led me on a transformational journey of personal growth.


Author: Suzanne

Summary: How I found my new adventure at Chilcotin Holidays, my experiences in my first few weeks and the responsibilities I took on.


Horse Pack Trip – Keira, Sophia and Jacqueline

Want to see what you can do on a horse pack trip with Chilcotin Holidays, part of the Trails to Empowerment community? Keira, Jacqueline and Sophie joined us for a five day horse pack trip and learned all about horse care, saddling, local flora and fauna and camping in the mountains.

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