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With hands-on and online training programs, you will find the learning opportunity that will empower you to live and work in the wilderness.


Chilcotin Holidays facilitates your connection with nature, stewardship of the wilderness and personal empowerment through adventure trips including horse trips, training programs, hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing and much more!


The Chilcotin Ark Institute is committed to creating and managing a working landscape, facilitating and executing research projects. 



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Author: Charlie

Summary: This blog story is the first in our new conservation series. This first story discusses the current use of nature for tourism and asks the question, what is being done to conserve this area so many people are benefiting from?

Author: Charlie

Summary: Have you ever seen a grizzly bear in the wild? That was the goal for our two guests, Kim and Nick, when Manon and I guided them on a four day bear tracking and conservation pack trip.

Author: Charlie

Summary: The Prologue and Introduction of Spiritual Partnership introduces you to the concepts of having a spiritual partnership and growing spiritually.

Author: Charlie

Summary: Mule deer are a key species in the Chilcotin Ark but without ongoing conservation, their numbers could decline. Find out about four of the methods we use to conserve mule deer in the Chilcotin Ark.

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Here we present inspirational stories we wrote about our transformational journeys.

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Tourism and Its Impact on the Environment 

Connecting to Nature by Tracking Bears 

Prologue and Introduction:  Spiritual Partnership Chapter Summaries Prologue The Gift – a greater perception of the world into more than what the

Mule Deer and Our Role in Conservation Summary: Mule deer are a key species in the Chilcotin Ark but without ongoing conservation,