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We are an international group of people dedicated to personal development, nature conservation and nature connection in a unique wilderness environment.

On this website, we want to empower you by sharing our adventures with you in our video library, inspiring you with empowering tales on our podcast and stories about the personal journeys of community partners on our blog.

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With hands-on and online training programs, you will find the learning opportunity that will empower you to live and work in the wilderness.


We facilitate your connection with nature, stewardship of the wilderness and personal empowerment through adventure trips including horse trips, training programs, hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing and much more!


We work to protect wildlife, champion responsible land management and protect the environment long into the future.



Here we feature inspirational movies about our transformational journeys.

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Here we share inspirational talks about our transformational journeys!

Check out our new uploads!

Author: Ethan

Summary: What I’ve learned about change and personal growth during my first few weeks here at Chilcotin Holidays as an intern.

Author: Marilen

Summary: My time at the ranch was supposed to be an office internship in Tourism Management and turned out to be amazing opportunities in many more areas than I could think of.

Author: TC

Summary: I spent nearly two weeks with Chilcotin Holidays where I had a true wilderness experience. Through teamwork, trail riding and many other new experiences, I had a transformation. This is my story.

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Join us on the trail to empowerment towards a greater sense of self-confidence, courage and initiative. Find a greater connection with nature and yourself. Develop your leadership skills in a unique environment where you can evolve with a positive mindset by facing challenges and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. 



Here we present inspirational stories we wrote about our transformational journeys.

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Ethan in front of the Chilcotin Holidays ranch house

  Introduction My story about embracing change and personal growth began about three weeks ago and is definitely still ongoing. Since arriving

A group of mountain goats

It was a beautiful sunny day in October and we were in Tyax camp, located a two day ride from civilization. The

Marilen sitting outside with Sophie the dog

Time never flew so fast as in the last 3 months at Chilcotin Holidays. I finished my studies at the end of

Molly's Wilderness Internship

There are a lot of challenges to face when transitioning from a student into the work world, but the major issue lies