Wilderness Training

Invest in yourself with our hands on wilderness training programs!

By collaborating with our partner organization Wilderness Trails, we run a variety of wilderness training programs that give you the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, learn new skills and develop the mindset to thrive in nature.

If you’re looking for a training program that pushes you to work hard, gets you out in the wilderness and shows you what living close to nature is really like, take a look at the list below:


  • Horseback wilderness mentor guide
  • Advanced horseback wilderness mentor guide
  • Hiking wilderness mentor guide
  • Wilderness log cabin building
  • Wilderness horse logging course
  • Management training
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Wilderness angling mentor guide
  • Wilderness English immersion
  • Bushcraft and survival
  • Wilderness photography course
  • Wilderness lifestyle experience
For our training programs that focus on a specific skills such as our mentor guide programs, log cabin and horse logging programs, you have the opportunity to stay on with us in an immersion program for up to six months. The rest of our training programs are monthly programs where you have the option to stay for up to six months to get training in a wide ranch of ranch opportunities.

To find out more about each, visit Wilderness Trails’ website

If you’re ready to join us, take the Wilderness Readiness Survey

Are you applying from outside Canada and have a Working Holiday visa or are able to obtain one? Our volunteering and practicum programs might be right for you. Take a look at our volunteering and practicum page:

If you’re applying from outside Canada, find out more about what visa you need for these training programs or any other hands on opportunity on our hands on opportunities page:

Wilderness Training

Looking for something long term?

Our entrepreneur program and online opportunities pages give you options to journey with us throughout all four seasons

Are you ready for more in life?

You are the master of your destiny. Will you take ownership for your life today? 

Join us on the Trail to Empowerment towards a greater sense of personal development, nature connection and nature conservation. Evolve with a positive mindset by facing challenges and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. 

The only remaining question: If not now, then when?

Trails to Empowerment

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