Contribute to nature conservation from around the world!

Conservation doesn’t always have to take place in the field. After data is collected, it needs to be analyzed which can often be done online. Big picture management planning and research is also a contribution to nature conservation that can be done online. If you want to contribute to nature conservation in the Chilcotin Ark or make an impact on the conservation of a wilderness area closer to your home we have a number of ways you can get involved:


  • Development of land plans for the Chilcotin Ark
  • Writing summaries of research papers to support the land plans
  • Data analysis of data collected in the field
  • Submitting violation reports or referral responses for conservation issues affecting the wilderness
  • Literature research on topics like:

    – Wildlife species
    – Carbon offset
    – Climate change 
    – Mountain elevation advantage research for global warming


You can also research or implement your own project that benefits the natural environment. Projects can take place in a place of your choosing, or in the Chilcotin Ark. We can provide accommodation and support for your project in the Chilcotin Ark.

Find out more with our partner organization the Chilcotin Ark Institute:

Nature conservation

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