Hands On Opportunities

Invest in yourself with our hands on opportunities!

You can join our community in all aspects from horse care, mechanics, office and kitchen to horse logging, sustainable forestry and conservation projects to name a few opportunities. We’re a diverse community and you can get involved in any aspect from volunteer to management. Take a look at the ways you can join us in person:

Our wilderness volunteering develops your skills in a range of wilderness opportunities. Develop your confidence in nature and contribute to conservation.

Our hands on training programs include wilderness guiding, log cabin building, English immersion and our wilderness lifestyle experience.

Our entrepreneur program gives you the skills to set up, run and manage your own business. Face the challenges of a new business owner alongside experienced entrepreneurs.

Our guest experiences aren’t just a holiday. They are an opportunity to experience nature, contribute to conservation and enhance your personal development.

If you’re ready to join us, take the Wilderness Readiness Survey and begin your journey.

Canadian Visa Options

We have an international team in the Trails to Empowerment community. Most of our volunteers and students are from Germany, France and the United Kingdom, but many other nationalities join us too. If you need a visa to join us, there are lots of options depending on your reason for joining us:

Working Holiday visa through International Experience Canada – for those aged 18-30 (35 for some countries), one or two years depending on your home country. Open work permit giving you the flexibility to work and travel at the same time. Use this visa for all of our volunteering and practicums and our entrepreneur program

Co-op visa through International Experience Canada – for those aged 18-30 (35 for some countries) and currently enrolled in university. Use this visa for our university practicums

ETA visa – for those who aren’t able to obtain a work visa through the International Experience Canada program, have already used the IEC visa or where a work visa isn’t necessary. Use this visa for our training programs and guest experiences

C50 visa – for conservation work with the non-profit Chilcotin Ark Institute. Use this visa for our volunteering and practicums

Young Professional visa through International Experience Canada – for those aged 18-35 with some degree of qualification in their field (requirements vary by job), designed to help you gain experience with your first job in Canada. Use this visa for our entrepreneur program

Employer Specific visa – closed work permit when you are coming to Canada for a specific job. This requires us to get a valid LMIA which can take a long time. Use this visa for our entrepreneur program

All of these visa options can help you secure Permanent Residence in Canada.


To find out if you are eligible for any of these visas, take a look at the Government of Canada website

Can't join us in person?

Take a look at our online options and see if Trails to Empowerment is a good match for your interests, goals and purpose.