How I Came to Chilcotin Holidays

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Chilcotin Holidays offered exactly what I was in search for after my studies because of the focus on self-development, nature and challenges. I needed a break and wanted to see more of the world, experience something new and connect with nature. My first weeks of my internship in Tourism Management pushed me out of my comfort zone by being in a new place, working with horses and getting to know the daily life on the ranch. … Read More

The Health Benefits of Birch Water

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Every spring, we have the opportunity to tap birch trees and harvest food from nature. Here, I explain the health benefits of drinking birch water and why it should only be consumed in moderation. Harvesting from nature means we are responsible, as wilderness stewards, for ensuring these trees are conserved into the future.… Read More

Back in the Saddle

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If you’ve been following the stories of Dash, Spruce and Teco, our three new horses, on our social media channels, we thought you’d be interested to see how we train them. Our horses need to be calm, stable and reliable to safely lead guests through the mountains. This is just one of the ways they become that way. This is a story about a big step in the training process – their first ride.… Read More

Being a Mentor Guide on a Pack Trip

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A wildlife viewing pack trip with Chilcotin Holidays is the perfect opportunity for our guests to reconnect with nature and experience personal growth. But this also happens for us, the mentor guides, as every trip we gain a greater sense of empowerment and experience our own personal transformation. This is how my first time as a mentor guide transformed me.… Read More

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