The Importance of Exposure

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The Importance of Exposure Imagine a busy highway with heavy and overwhelming traffic zooming both ways. Now imagine you’re a lost bystander on the side of the road and the speed, noise, and vibration of the cars frightens you. There … Read More

Kamloopa Pow Wow

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Attending the Kamloopa Pow Wow gave us the opportunity to experience and learn from First Nations culture through the common interest of song and dance. The community environment was strong, it mirrored and complemented our own ranch mindset, helping us on our transformational journey to personal growth.… Read More

Trails to Empowerment – A new era begins

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Fenja is one of our community partners and plays a visionary role in developing “Trails to Empowerment”. In her story, she reflects on her own journey to empowerment and how it drives her to create positive change in the world and have a lasting impact on her environment.… Read More