How to Balance Sustainable Resource Use and Improve and Manage Wildlife Habitat

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How to Balance Sustainable Resource Use and Improve and Maintain Wildlife Habitat Today’s blog story is about conservation and stewardship of the land. Specifically, we would like to introduce you to the topic of resource management and planning by reviewing … Read More

The Health Benefits of Birch Water

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Every spring, we have the opportunity to tap birch trees and harvest food from nature. Here, I explain the health benefits of drinking birch water and why it should only be consumed in moderation. Harvesting from nature means we are responsible, as wilderness stewards, for ensuring these trees are conserved into the future.… Read More

Whitebark Pine – A Key Species for Ecosystems in the South Chilcotin Mountains

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Nature is interconnected in all aspects. Ecosystems hold key species that other species highly depend on for their survival. One of those key species in the South Chilcotin Mountains is Whitebark pine – the main food source for Grizzly bears, Clark’s nutcracker and red squirrels. But being deeply connected also exposes species to threats that could imbalance the entire ecosystem. … Read More

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