Prologue and Introduction: Spiritual Partnership Chapter Summaries

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Prologue and Introduction:  Spiritual Partnership Chapter Summaries Prologue The Gift – a greater perception of the world into more than what the five senses can perceive. Heavily related to intuition, connection to others or the universe beyond what is immediately … Read More

The Importance of Exposure

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The Importance of Exposure Imagine a busy highway with heavy and overwhelming traffic zooming both ways. Now imagine you’re a lost bystander on the side of the road and the speed, noise, and vibration of the cars frightens you. There … Read More

Update on My Life After Chilcotin Holidays

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Five years after leaving the ranch, I continue to embody Chilcotin Holidays’ philosophy to help me achieve my goals. I kept pushing myself out of my comfort zone by continuing to face challenges and have new adventures. Through this, I aim to inspire others on their own transformational journeys of personal growth.… Read More

The Space to be Quiet

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Modern life is noisy. Living in a city or a busy neighbourhood, life is so loud soon we stop noticing it. Here at the ranch, deep in the wilderness, we can finally find our quiet space. With the quiet, we can reflect on who we are and reconnect with the nature around us. Here, we can achieve clarity for ourselves, allowing us to begin our transformational journey of personal growth.… Read More

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