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Being a Mentor Guide on a Pack Trip

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A wildlife viewing pack trip with Chilcotin Holidays is the perfect opportunity for our guests to reconnect with nature and experience personal growth. But this also happens for us, the mentor guides, as every trip we gain a greater sense of empowerment and experience our own personal transformation. This is how my first time as a mentor guide transformed me.… Read More

Whitebark Pine – A Key Species for Ecosystems in the South Chilcotin Mountains

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Nature is interconnected in all aspects. Ecosystems hold key species that other species highly depend on for their survival. One of those key species in the South Chilcotin Mountains is Whitebark pine – the main food source for Grizzly bears, Clark’s nutcracker and red squirrels. But being deeply connected also exposes species to threats that could imbalance the entire ecosystem. … Read More

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