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Family Reconnection with Nature

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Family Reconnection with Nature


We all felt connected to nature and seeing those bears as we set off after our stay was possibly the most exciting thing ever! Truly wild bears……and the bird life at the lake was fabulous not to mention those wild flowers!! Stunning.

We learnt so much about Canadian culture and history of the First Nation people…I knew practically nothing before I came.

I loved all the people I met at Chilcotin Holidays and everyone was treated the same whether male or female it seemed. However, men are generally stronger physically than women so may possibly be assigned to different jobs with this in mind.  But the boys are given a chance, to do what women might be assigned to do like cooking and cleaning!!! And the girls were working with horses and doing ranch maintenance work.

So finally, we learnt so much about the horses and I loved the way they were treated. You could tell they were happy because they gave so much back to us… and just how to reuse things, adapt things.

Yes we are safely home thank you and still talking about our wonderful time in Canada and especially at Chilcotin Holidays. We all want to go back to Canada and I think Rowan is keen to come back to the ranch and learn more…we all loved it!

After we left you it took most of the day to get to Kelowna as we took it slowly and that drone came out a few times.

We arrived at our hotel and my heart sank..it was so big and modern and factory like though the reception staff, like all Canadians were great and friendly….we set off for a walk on the pavements……BUT…..it’s funny…you just need to walk to get to know a place and we found some lovely walking paths and beaches!! We also found a fantastic lake side restaurant and watched the sun go down. Also a great bike ride the next day so it wasn’t as bad as we thought. We just loved the wilderness and comfort of Chilcotin Holidays!

Golden and Kicking horse was GREAT too with some friends…we caught fish and had them for dinner so very satisfying! 

I am usually happy to get home , I was, but had this big feeling that I hadn’t had long enough in Canada! This is good I guess as we hope to come back again some time.

Susie and family, UK