Restaurant and Hospitality INTERNSHIP

During your Restaurant and Hospitality internship gain experience in all aspects of a commercial kitchen and housekeeping of a guest ranch. Manage communal cooking and cleaning. Daily ranch housekeeping such as cleaning guest rooms and communal areas. Weekly scheduling for the kitchen for cooking staff and food prep. Cook meals for guests and community partners according to a set menu. Carry out supply inventory, cook pre-made food for multi-day camp trips and order groceries. Respond to the challenges and opportunities that running a kitchen in a remote, rural location present, such as cooking and serving meals outside or supply shortages.

The three main responsibilities for your restaurant and hospitality internship

  • Cook meals following a set menu

  • Grocery order and inventory

  • General housekeeping and cleaning

Your contribution

  • Cook meals for our guests and community partners following a week-long set menu
  • Maintain Food Safe standards 
  • Manage communal cooking and cleaning
  • Complete the inventory and order groceries each week
  • Weekly planning and scheduling
  • Cook pre-made dinners to take to camp
  • Housekeeping chores
  • Learn about and implement our Six Principles of Nature Connection, Nature Conservation, Personal Development, Self-Sufficiency, Empowerment and Consciousness and Awareness
Restaurant and hospitality internship

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Take a look at Chilcotin Holidays’ website to see the ranch and more of what you’ll be getting involved with:

If you are joining us from outside Canada, you will need a valid working holiday visa or a co-op visa, through the International Experience Canada program. Find out more on our hands on opportunities page:

If you aren’t able to get an International Experience Canada visa, you can join us by completing a training program. Take a look at our training page for more information:

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