Research Centre ranch INTERNSHIP

During this Research Centre Ranch internship learn about and work in all aspects of ranch life. Spending your days outside, you will get involved in everything that is required to take care of the animals and keep the ranch running smoothly. You will maintain the garden, feed and care for horses, dogs, cats and chickens, maintain the barn and riding equipment. You will also maintain the irrigation system, fix fences, complete inventories, cut firewood and use the farm machinery and equipment to help keep the ranch sustainable and self-reliant. As you develop your skills, you are able to take on greater responsibility, such as being solely responsible a certain task.

The three main responsibilities of your research centre ranch internship

  • Animal care of horses, chickens, dogs and cats
  • Equipment and ranch maintenance
  • Improve procedures to increase sustainability and self-reliance

Your contribution

  • Use innovative thinking to improve our sustainability and self-reliance
  • Tend our garden to grow food such as rhubarb and potatoes
  • Feed and tend to horses, dogs, cats and chickens
  • Maintain ranch property, operate and maintain farm machinery and equipment
  • Fix fences, cut firewood, dispose of garbage, complete inventories
  • Move irrigation equipment to keep the horse fields watered
  • Maintain saddles and riding equipment
  • Learn about and implement our Six Principles of Nature Connection, Nature Conservation, Personal Development, Self-Sufficiency, Empowerment and Consciousness and Awareness
Ranch internship

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You can find out more information about your role, responsibilities and benefits here:

Want to see where you'll be working?

Take a look at Chilcotin Holidays’ website to see the ranch and more of what you’ll be getting involved with:

If you are joining us from outside Canada, you will need a valid working holiday visa or a co-op visa, through the International Experience Canada program. Find out more on our hands on opportunities page:

If you aren’t able to get an International Experience Canada visa, you can join us by completing a training program. Take a look at our training page for more information:

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