Wilderness Readiness Survey

You want to reconnect to nature and yourself on a horse pack trip in the rugged mountains? You seek to contribute to local stewardship as a conservation volunteer? You’re interested in a unique wilderness training opportunity that will transform your life? And you want to experience a supportive community with like-minded people?

Chilcotin Holidays, Rewilded Minds and the Wilderness Stewardship Foundation offer  unique experiences, creating countless opportunities to connect with nature and self, contribute to conservation efforts and immerse yourself on a unique wilderness journey that has the power to transform your life.

Our core values – Personal Development, Nature Connection and Conservation and Stewardship – are the key components of your experience, supported by our Trails to Empowerment Community.

You already took the first step by exploring our content – now that you’re ready to go to the next level we’d like you to identify your specific interests and the purpose for your wilderness journey.

As we complete this step together, the opportunity you’re interested in becomes your unique “once-in-a-lifetime” wilderness experience. Please be honest with yourself, it’s okay to check “no” from time to time. These questions are mainly for you to confirm the purpose for your adventure. This form empowers you to get mentally ready for this journey and enables us to facilitate your extraordinary wilderness experience.

Rediscover a true connection to nature

The journey with yourself

Involvement in our "Trails to Empowerment Community"

Contribute to Nature Conservation

Congratulations – You just took a step towards your personal wilderness journey. We hope you have gained clarity on your interests, goals and purpose for yourself in this process and are ready for the preperation stage of your journey. We will review your answers and get back to you in person for planning this transformational experience with you! Until then, we hope to keep you inspired with our stories, podcast and videos.

Talk to you soon,

Your Trails to Empowerment Community