Wilderness Readiness Survey

What goals do you want to accomplish with your wilderness experience? What is the purpose of your transformational journey? Do you want to reconnect to nature and yourself, contribute to local stewardship and learn from nature and the people you share your journey with? Do you want to experience a supportive community with like-minded people?

All of our wilderness experiences facilitated by Chilcotin Holidays, the Wilderness Training Academy and the Chilcotin Ark Institute combine our Three Pillars of Personal Development, Nature Connection and Conservation and Stewardship as well as becoming immersed in our supportive community.
You already took the first step by exploring our content – now that you’re ready to go to the next level we’d like you to identify your specific interests, goals and purpose for your wilderness journey.

For whatever reason and for however long you are joining us, every opportunity to grow, learn and contribute to the community is available to you. Remember the more deeply you immerse yourself in your experience, the greater your transformation will be. We prioritize personal responsibility, initiative-taking and accountability. Only you can determine how much you will get out of this experience, take responsibility for your personal transformation and choose if you will fully participate in every opportunity. We are committed to contributing and creating value in other people’s lives. You can do this too by sharing knowledge, bringing a positive attitude and solution-orientated mentality to all that you do and fully participating in every activity.

On completing our Wilderness Readiness Survey you have gained clarity on whether you are ready to journey with us. This survey empowers you to get mentally ready for this transformational journey and enables us to facilitate your wilderness experience. We will be in contact to discuss any questions and the details of your wilderness experience. Until then, stay inspired with our blogs, podcasts and videos.

Talk to you soon,

Your Trails to Empowerment Community

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