On this page we share wilderness music, songs created by our community to inspire and empower you to get out in nature!

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What We Already Have from the Trails to Empowerment community is iInspired by Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, this song tells the story of breaking down the barriers to discover your authentic self inside.

In Headlights, the Trails to Empowerment Community tell the story of breaking old, unproductive habits, learning how to live with more meaning and find your true self.

“They Call Me Fortress” from the Trails to Empowerment Community shares the story of Fortress, one of our lead mares. She’s calm, stable and reliable and will always keep her herd – horse and human – safe. Get inspired to be a leader by Fortress’ story.

“Purpose” from the Trails to Empowerment Community, challenges you to look within, to find your interests, goals and purpose, your true self and use this to make your contribution to the world.

Looking for wilderness music to spark a nature connection? Our partner Chilcotin Holidays can help. Listen to this song and get inspired!

Check out Sina Theil’s website here to see more of her music and support her work.

Are you feeling trapped in the city? Listen to Thirsty for the Wild and let wilderness music inspire you to make a change!

Are you ready for more in life?

You are the master of your destiny. Will you take ownership for your life today? 

Join us on the Trail to Empowerment towards a greater sense of personal development, nature connection and nature conservation. Evolve with a positive mindset by facing challenges and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. 

The only remaining question: If not now, then when?

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