Mountaineers from the Ice Age

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The Wilderness Stewardship Foundation contributes to the sustainability of the Mountain Goat herds by taking and evaluating population surveys. Lisa shares experiences of her trip to Eldorado in the South Chilcotin Mountains, where she counted Mountain Goats and the importance of monitoring populations.… Read More

We Did it All: Wildlife Viewing Trip with Charlotte and Cosima

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uiding guests on a wilderness experience with Chilcotin Holidays, provides plenty of opportunity for personal transformation, wildlife viewing and empowerment. Yet, every pack trip is different, every guest is different, there’s always something new to learn and experience.… Read More

Bighorn Sheep in Big Creek

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Recording the number of Bighorn Sheep in the area is vital to understanding the population, determine survival rates and assess how best we can work to conserve the species. Each wildlife sighting is recorded so we can create an accurate count of the sheep in the area.… Read More