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Our philosophy, based on personal development, reconnecting with nature and conservation and stewardship, is the cornerstone of everything we do and we’d like to share this with you. Each podcast episode focuses on these three pillars that guide us on our journeys to be empowered for facing challenges, develop confidence and to take initiative and responsibility for our lives. Through all of this we grow in confidence. We invite you to join our community and contribute to making this world a better place with your own unique skill sets and characteristics. 

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Author: Marilen

Summary: My time at the ranch was supposed to be an office internship in Tourism Management and turned out to be amazing opportunities in many more areas than I could think of.

Author: TC

Summary: I spent nearly two weeks with Chilcotin Holidays where I had a true wilderness experience. Through teamwork, trail riding and many other new experiences, I had a transformation. This is my story.

Author: Charlie

Summary: My first six months at Chilcotin Holidays became the story for my first book. This is the story of how I applied everything I’d learned at the ranch to write a book about my personal development and nature connection.

Author: Emma

Summary: Modern life is noisy. Living in a city or a busy neighbourhood, life is so loud soon we stop noticing it. Here at the ranch, deep in the wilderness, we can finally find our quiet space, reflect on who we are and reconnect with the nature around us. Here, we can achieve clarity for ourselves, allowing us to begin our transformational journey of personal growth.

Author: Maaike

Summary: I learned many things during my time at the ranch. These lessons and the transformation that came from them, I took with me back to the Netherlands. This is how I put them into practice in the Netherlands. I want to inspire you with my story, to show you what’s possible.

Author: Julia

Summary: How an encounter with a mother bear changed my mindset towards nature and our connection to it

Author: Lea D

Summary: I came to the ranch to find my sense of purpose, to do something meaningful. On my transformational journey, I experienced personal growth as I became empowered and took on responsibility.

Author: Lydia

Summary: I came to Chilcotin Holidays to learn to be a horseback guide. Along the way, I learned how to face and overcome my challenges, accept myself and find some answers. Now, after my journey with Chilcotin Holidays, I can reflect on my transformation.

Author: Molly

Summary: Riding through the mountain snow is all part of Bighorn sheep scouting. As wilderness stewards, it is our responsibility to be involved in nature conservation, one of the ways we can do that is through wildlife viewing but getting to the sheep is a challenge in itself.

Author: Christophe, Elke, Fenja, Celina, Melvin

Summary: The ranch is a place full of diversity, both of culture and opinion, yet through our shared goals and purposes, we live and work together as a highly functional and successful community. Here, we all take initiative for ourselves and the work that needs to be done, we are all leaders and equal members of the team.

Author: Marilen

Summary: Chilcotin Holidays offered exactly what I was in search for after my studies because of the focus on self-development, nature and challenges.  My first weeks of my internship in Tourism Management pushed me out of my comfort zone by being in a new place, working with horses and getting to know the daily life on the ranch.

Author: Charlie

Summary: Every spring, we have the opportunity to tap birch trees and harvest food from nature. Here, I explain the health benefits of drinking birch water and why it should only be consumed in moderation. Harvesting from nature means we are responsible, as wilderness stewards, for ensuring these trees are conserved into the future.

Author: Charlie

Summary: This is a story about the power of nature. The way it moves us to experience transformation and connection is addictive. Whether you have a wilderness experience with Chilcotin Holidays, or visit your local park, the benefits of spending time in nature are extraordinary.

Author: Charlie

Summary: If you’ve been following the stories of Dash, Spruce and Teco, our three new horses, on our social media channels, we thought you’d be interested to see how we train them. Our horses need to be calm, stable and reliable to safely lead guests through the mountains. This is a story about a big step in the training process – their first ride.

Author: Charlie

Summary: What are the benefits of spending time in nature? How does this lead to a desire to conserve the wilderness and become stewards of the land? It all starts with a deepened nature connection and a greater sense of well-being.

Author: Charlie

Summary: Life at the ranch is always a transformational journey of personal growth, full of new experiences, which we can’t wait to document in writing and share with you. These experiences are the route to empowerment.

Author: Kathrin

Summary: A wildlife viewing pack trip with Chilcotin Holidays is the perfect opportunity for our guests to reconnect with nature and experience personal growth. But this also happens for us, the mentor guides, as every trip we gain a greater sense of empowerment and experience our own personal transformation. 

Author: Molly

Summary: Recording the numbers of wildlife in the area is vital for conservation. Our goal is to conserve this unique environment, and this is one of the ways we are wilderness stewards.

Author: Moira

Summary: My transformational journey of personal growth is all about playing your part in conservation, living as part of a remarkable culture and learning to take initiative.

Author: Gerry

Summary: This exclusive interview with Gerry Bracewell shares her experiences as the first licenced female hunt guide in BC.

Author: Marilen

Summary: Being the first female hunt guide in British Columbia wasn’t easy in a male dominated industry, but Gerry stuck to her will to see what is out there.

Author: Fenja

Summary: Ecosystems hold key species that other species highly depend on for their survival. One of those key species in the South Chilcotin Mountains is white bark pine – the main food source for grizzly bears, Clark’s nutcracker and red squirrels. But being deeply connected also exposes species to threats that could imbalance the entire ecosystem.

Author: Charlie

Summary: Here, we are all on our transformational journeys of personal growth. We all take responsibility, maintain a positive attitude and support female empowerment. It takes the commitment of everyone at the ranch to create a remarkable culture and here’s how we do it.

Author: Fenja

Summary: Life at the ranch facilitates amazing opportunities for all of us. It can change our lives and gives us valuable insights we would never had anticipated. In this letter, Fenja reflects on her transformational journey that has impacted her life forever and articulates her gratitude for this empowering experience.

Author: Lea A

Summary: I came to the ranch to find my purpose. On my transformational journey I learned from nature and gained greater self-confidence. This allowed me to experience personal growth and guide others on their own transformational journey.

Author: Charlie

Summary: Gaining self-confidence and becoming inspired is a transformational journey full of ups and downs. Challenges are learning experiences, we become stronger as we find a way to solve them. The result is personal growth and self-actualization and that is a reward which makes every challenge worth the struggle.

Author: Norina, Balthasar, Patrick, Kevin

Summary: We came to Chilcotin Holidays for a mountain biking wilderness experience, but along the way, we began to really feel a connection with the nature around us. We found a real appreciation for the nature in this area and a desire to conserve this unique environment, this was our transformation.

Author: Elke

Summary: What can you do to play your part in conservation of nature and the environment? The best way to make a difference is to experience nature and educate yourself about your impacts, then you can make the decisions of where and how much you are able to change.

Author: Dana and Jasmin

Summary: Attending the Kamloopa Pow Wow gave us the opportunity to experience and learn from First Nations culture through the common interest of song and dance. The community environment was strong, it mirrored and complemented our own ranch mindset, helping us on our transformational journey to personal growth.

Author: Charlie

Summary: A wildlife viewing wilderness experience with Chilcotin Holidays is the perfect way to implement all of our Three Pillars. Every learning experience is an opportunity for self-development and transformation. And that’s exactly what happened on Juan and Joaquin’s pack trip.

Author: Charlie

Summary: Our mentor guides come in many forms, but our horses, with their years of experience and strong personalities are perhaps the best for us to learn from on our transformational journeys of personal growth. Tatla taught me courage and to have a positive outlook, we became a team and the results were incredible.

Author: Maaike

Summary: Many of us are held back by fear which stops us fully appreciating life. But breaking out of our comfort zone leads to exceptional results. Fear becomes an excuse not to act and it works against us. Facing our fears creates exceptional results as we are inspired by others and find our sense of purpose.

Author: Colette and Jason

Summary: On our hike journey, we were taught an important lesson about slowing down to enjoy the moment by one of Chilcotin Holidays’ mountain horses. The Chilcotin mountains are a place of undisturbed nature where you can have a true wilderness experience. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Author: Lisa

Summary: WSF contributes to the sustainability of the Mountain Goat herds through population surveys. Lisa shares her trip, in which she counted Mountain Goats and explains why this is important.

Author: Jasmin

Summary: Do you have the strength and initiative to make a change to realign your values? Jasmin thought she knew what was most valuable to her, but then she realized time was what was really most important. This is how Jasmin made a change to ensure she spends time well.

Author: Lydia

Summary: A wilderness experience with Chilcotin Holidays provides personal transformation, wildlife viewing and empowerment opportunities for both guests and guides. Yet, every pack trip is different, every guest is different, there’s always something new to learn and experience.

Author: Jasmin

Summary: One of the ways we commit to nature conservation as wilderness stewards is by managing invasive plants and educating you about them. One of these is burdock, we’ll tell you how it’s a threat in the Chilcotin Mountains, but also explain some of its benefits.

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Author: Dana

Summary: At the ranch, Dana gained a sense of self worth, responsibility and purpose. She experienced personal growth and shares with you her transformational journey, explaining how she found herself again.

Author: Charlie

Summary: Being a mentor guide with Chilcotin Holidays is so much more than showing our guests the mountains on a relaxing holiday. We empower our guests to learn new skills, develop a deeper nature connection and contribute to the group environment, allowing them to undergo a personal transformation in an authentic wilderness experience.

Author: Jasmin

Summary: This podcast explains to you how the wilderness stewards of the WSF’s conservation work protects the nature and ecosystem of the South Chilcotin Mountains for long into the future.

Author: Charlie

Summary: Recording the number of Bighorn Sheep in the area is vital to understanding the population, determine survival rates and assess how best we can work for the conservation of the species in nature. As wilderness stewards, we record each wildlife sighting so we can create an accurate count of the sheep in the area.

Author: Fenja

Summary: What people want from a holiday has changed in the last decade. Now, the opportunity to get involved with local culture and make your contribution to nature conservation is facilitated by Chilcotin Holidays through unique transformational travel wilderness experiences. An eco-tourism holiday, in the form of a horse packing trip, is the perfect way to make a positive and enduring difference for our environment, allowing you to experience a personal transformation.

Author: Charlie

Summary: Life at the ranch teaches us many valuable skills, from shoeing and packing horses, to navigating through the wilderness. But, the greatest lessons we can learn here are about ourselves as we experience personal growth. We can gain the confidence to face any challenge with responsibility and positivity and take our own initiative. Now, our futures are exciting, not scary. This is my transformational journey.

Author: Charlie

Summary: Charlie introduces our community, and explains the purpose of the Trails to Empowerment website.

Author: Maaike

Summary: I came to the ranch because I needed to make a change. In the supportive ranch environment I was thrown out of my comfort zone, but when I learned to embrace the challenges, I was able to experience personal growth as I took the initiative and began to view everything with a positive outlook. This is my transformational journey.

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