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Who We Are

Trails to Empowerment is an umbrella organization consisting of several partners that guide you on your transformational journey.  Meet our partners below!

The Chilcotin Ark Institute is committed to creating and managing a working landscape, and facilitating and executing research projects. 


Chilcotin Holidays facilitates your connection with nature, stewardship of the wilderness and personal empowerment through conservation trips including horse trips, training programs, hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing and much more!


Bridge River Valley Accommodation (BRVA) facilitates your nature connection through ranch and wilderness based camping and cabin rental options. Whether it’s your first time in the wilderness or you’re an experiened back-country user, BRVA has the style of accommodation for you.


The Wilderness Training Academy offesr a wide variety of online courses that lead you through a process of self discovery from interst development to identify goals, to defining how to live life with a purpose.


Our Three Pillar Philosophy

All three pillars are implemented through our passion for learning new skills that facilitate your ability to create positive change – for yourself, for others and for your environment. You will be empowered to embark on a transformational self-development journey, discovering who you are and what kind of person you want to be. You will view circumstances from new perspectives, share experiences with our supportive community and embrace challenges to grow and evolve. Our philosophy, which we have summarized in our Values & Principles, determines our actions. 

Our community guides you on your journey to self-actualization, teaching you how to reach your full potential and live up to your aspirations. You will be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally, succeeding in ways you may not believe possible now. In our community you can’t fail – You either win or learn. We encourage you to stay open-minded, step out of your comfort zone and you will be rewarded by a unique experience that will transform your life.



is to empower you to live your best life. We facilitate personal transformation as long as you are willing to invest in yourself, because being committed to create your future is all that matters.



is to facilitate a transformational learning experience, where you connect with nature, contribute to conservation, commit to your personal development and embrace new challenges.


Our 19 Principle list

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our community principles that guides us towards accomplishing our intersts, goals and purpose




Meet Charlie!

Charlie is one of our dedicated community partners. Watch her introduce our community!

Are you ready for more in life?

You are the master of your destiny. Will you take ownership for your life today? 

Join us on the Trail to Empowerment towards a greater sense of personal development, nature connection and nature conservation. Evolve with a positive mindset by facing challenges and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. 

The only remaining question: If not now, then when?

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