Interning as a wilderness steward will give you the opportunity to make your contribution to stewardship and teach you all the skills necessary to work in conservation from on-the-ground research to high-level management plans. The benefits, requirements and responsibilities are the same for all our internship programs, but here are the main responsibilities and contributions for a wilderness steward.

Your Three Main Responsibilities

  • Practice conservation and stewardship in all areas of work

  • Liaise with government authorities, organizations and associations

  • Research, create and manage hands-on conservation projects

Your Contribution

  • Implement of the foundation’s mission and objectives, involving all community partners in this

  • Coordinate stewardship and resource management projects

  • Develop citizen science projects for the collection of wildlife data, use these to educate guests and the public about conservation, both on trips and at the ranch

  • Collect data on wilderness trips and analyze these

  • Respond to consultations and referrals and organize meetings with relevant stakeholders

  • Organize recruitment for research

  • Convey progress, issues and challenges to the board of directors

  • Project manage ongoing stewardship and resource management projects, plan future projects and secure funding for the foundation’s projects

  • Complete land plans with wildlife management

  • Research wildlife studies that support regulation and management of wildlife

  • Learn about and implement our Three Pillar philosophy of Nature Connection, Nature Conservation and Personal Development

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