Interning as a philosophy partner will give you the opportunity to make your contribution to our philosophy and teach you all the skills necessary to work in a business that places its focus on community relations. The benefits, requirements and responsibilities are the same for all our internship programs, but here are the main responsibilities and contributions for a philosophy partner.

Your Three Main Responsibilities

  • Conduct research that will lead to the positive development of our ranch philosophy

  • Live by the ranch philosophy and share this with guests and your fellow community partners

  • Update your knowledge of the philosophy on an ongoing basis

Your Contribution

  • Research how the ranch can effectively cultivate creativity, positivity, sustainability and responsibility among our community partners and guests to create a collaborative culture where innovation can thrive
  • Seek to develop a work environment that promotes strong community partner-ideals (this is social-entrepreneurship); to improve our performance and work to achieve our goals
  • Refine the process for guiding guests and community partners through exercises and activities that encourage high-level self-actualization and personal growth, and articulate them in-line with our philosophy
  • Practice what you preach and be a mentor guide yourself using the research data, and the newly-formulated activities, to encourage community partners to participate and develop themselves in their journey to empowerment and creating value in their lives
  • Learn about and implement our 3 Pillar philosophy of Nature Connection, Nature Conservation and Personal Development

Are you ready for more in life?

Join us on the trail to empowerment towards a greater sense of self-confidence, courage and initiative. Find a greater connection with nature and yourself. Develop your leadership skills in a unique environment where you can evolve with a positive mindset by facing challenges and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.