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Learn to Reframe Challenges with a Solution Oriented Mindset

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Learning to Reframe Challenges with a Solution Oriented Mindset

solution oriented mindset

When we encounter a problem we are often focused on one solution. However we can always find another solution with an open consciousness and a solution oriented mindset.

In our everyday life at the ranch we encounter new problems every day (the fire doesn’t come on, the truck or the chainsaw don’t want to start, a rope gets stuck…). A solution oriented mindset is therefore important to overcome the challenges. Every problem also represents a new opportunity to learn. The more often you look outside the box, the more creative you become with your own solutions and ideas to solve problems.

Sometimes the solution is very obvious. Sometimes it seems impossible to find a solution.
Instead of considering other solutions, I usually tried the first thing that comes to my mind. Then I try it until it works halfway or give up. However it doesn’t matter what it is, there is always another way. Whether it’s more useful, less useful or equally.
If you can’t see it yet, all you lack is the awareness of it. Our consciousness decides which data and facts from the environment we perceive and which we fade out. The solution is already there we just can’t see it yet. Our consciousness is aimed at another Place or our brain hides the information This is often due to the fact that we expect something else. So I learned to open my mind by pretending I didn’t know anything. This allowed me to look at things from another perspective. We often believe that if we don’t know an answer today, we will never know one. However if we do not know an answer today and become aware of it we open the door to our inner wisdom and creativity.
The other day the chainsaw wouldn’t start. So I tried to fire it up a couple times but nothing happened. So I took the spark plug out, let it dry, put it back in. I attempted to start it but again, nothing happened. For the next half hour I just repeated what I did before. After that I had a short break then I started again from the beginning. However, this time I decided to give it some gas while starting it up. And after a few tries it worked and I could start cutting wood.
So I had to think outside the box, to make the chainsaw start. It may be a small success but the lesson is invaluable.
The mindset that there is only one solution limits a leader’s choices. Challenges and opportunities can be viewed through many different lenses, creating multiple options. Each offers a unique way forward, an alternative that further opens our eyes and minds to new possibilities. For great leaders, there is always more than one way, one more option. In your search for answers, constantly look for options.