Business Administration Management INTERNSHIP

During this Business Administration Management  internship you will have the opportunity to work in every aspect of the office, including organizing daily meetings, managing the weekly/monthly schedules, human resources, and employment opportunities. You will also be able to work in community management, bookings and processing inquiries, and on the front line by answering phone calls and email inquiries. Further, you will be developing strategies, business and action plans and implementing them.

Your three main responsibilities

    • Promote, market and sell our wilderness-trips year round   

    • Employment, human resources and community management 

    • Managing weekly and monthly planning and scheduling

Your contribution

    • Organize daily meetings for all staff members

    • Weekly planning and scheduling for events and staff

    • Answer phones and emails

    • Typing and admin work

    • Processing enquiries and bookings

    • Employment, human resources, community management, schedule overview

    • Learn about and implement our 3 Pillar philosophy of Nature Connection, Nature Conservation and Personal Development

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