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Join us in the mountains of British Columbia!

In the Chilcotin Ark, in the mountains of British Columbia, with our wilderness community you can experience a real and achievable nature connection where you can drink water from mountain streams, breathe crisp clean mountain air, harvest berries, hike through alpine valleys, catch fish in the alpine lakes and be a contributor to nature’s natural order. There’s no cell phone, no traffic, it’s off grid and self-sustainable. You can join us in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

Join us as a guest, an intern, a community member or as a community business partner.

Our community is built on our Three Pillar philosophy of personal development, nature connection and nature conservation. These Three Pillars are how we embody environment, social and governance factors, taking responsibility for our environment, both natural and cultural. We treat everyone as equals where women and men take responsibility and initiative to be leaders, guides and mentors.

You can work in this community from horse care, mechanics, office and kitchen to horse logging, sustainable forestry and conservation projects to name a few opportunities. We’re a diverse community and you can get involved in any aspect from intern to management. Take a look at the ways you can join us:


If you’re ready to join us, take the Wilderness Readiness Survey and begin your journey.

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We have an international team in the Trails to Empowerment community. Most of our community partners and interns join us from Germany, France and the United Kingdom, but many other nationalities join us too. If you need to get a visa to join us, there are lots of options and we can direct you to the right one depending on your reason for joining us:

Working Holiday visa through International Experience Canada – for those aged 18-30, one or two years depending on your home country. Open work permit giving you the flexibility to work and travel at the same time.

Co-op visa through International Experience Canada – for those aged 18-30 and currently enrolled in university.

Young Professional visa through International Experience Canada – for those aged 18-30 with some degree of qualification in their field (requirements vary by job), designed to help you gain experience with your first job in Canada.

C50 visa – for conservation work with the non-profit Chilcotin Ark Institute

Employer Specific visa – closed work permit when you are coming to Canada for a specific job. This requires us to get a valid LMIA which can take a long time.

All of these visa options can help you secure Permanent Residence in Canada.

To find out if you are eligible for any of these visas, take a look at the Government of Canada website.

Are you ready for more in life?

You are the master of your destiny. Will you take ownership for your life today? 

Join us on the Trail to Empowerment towards a greater sense of personal development, nature connection and nature conservation. Evolve with a positive mindset by facing challenges and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. 

The only remaining question: If not now, then when?

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Our 19 principle list

Download our 1-page principle list for in your office, bedroom, or for in your wallet!

our community principles that guides us towards accomplishing our intersts, goals and purpose