Sustainable Forestry and Ecology Volunteering

This Sustainable Forestry and Ecology volunteering will give you the opportunity to broaden your forestry knowledge in a sustainable way with sustainable forest management. Identify trees for select logging, plan cut blocks, buck and limb trees to specification. Skid trees via mechanical or horse logging. You will also have the opportunity to learn government regulations, mill standards and specifications, and communicate directly with forestry management.

The three main responsibilities for your sustainable forestry and ecology volunteering

  • Thorough working knowledge of select logging practices and other sustainable forestry techniques
  • Liaise with forestry management and government 
  • Tree identification for select logging

Your contribution

  • Identify trees for select logging

  • Practice sustainable forestry techniques including select logging

  • Plan cut blocks

  • Skid trees to landing by mechanical or horse logging

  • Buck and limb trees to specification

  • Communicate with forestry management

  • Educate yourself on government regulations

  • Learn specification to mill standards

  • Learn about and implement our Six Principles of Nature Connection, Nature Conservation, Personal Development, Self-Sufficiency, Empowerment and Consciousness and Awareness

Sustainable forestry and ecology volunteering

Interested in this volunteering opportunity for university?

If you want to complete this volunteering for a required university internship, you can make it a practicum. Find out more:

Want to see where you'll be volunteering?

Take a look at the Chilcotin Ark Institute’s website to see the ranch and more of what you’ll be getting involved with:

If you are joining us from outside Canada, you will need a valid working holiday visa or a co-op visa, through the International Experience Canada program. Find out more on our hands on opportunities page:

If you aren’t able to get an International Experience Canada visa, you can join us by completing a training program. Take a look at our training page for more information:

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