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Chapters One and Two: Spiritual Partnership Chapter Summaries

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Chapters One and Two: Spiritual Partnership Chapter Summaries 

Spiritual Partnership by Gary Zukav, 2010


Chapter 1


Consciousness – this is like a bowl that is always full. It can be full of flowers or weapons (positive emotions and intentions or negative intentions and emotions), it can contain all kinds of things but it is always full and it is always the same bowl. Therefore, the more positive emotions, intentions and experiences you fill it with, the less room there is for negatives.


European settlers to North America came to achieve their goals – find new land, make money, escape oppression. Their actions almost destroyed native culture and the environment. They didn’t consider the consequences of their actions and if they did, they didn’t choose to act differently to change them. They thought only about achieving their goals with the intention to control and dominate. This is the story of human history.

In our community, we are conscious of our impact on the world around us. Our goals cannot only be fulfilled for us, they have to benefit the bigger picture too. This not only benefits on a greater level, it creates a greater sense of accomplishment too.


Some people are seen as friends, others as enemies. But five senses alone can’t tell you if a person is a friend or enemy. Only experiences can tell you this. Whether you perceive a person as a friend or enemy will determine if you experience loving or painful emotions when you think about or see them. This is a part of consciousness.

Being aware of emotions and intentions is an important part of life in our community. This is developed through encouraging each other to reflect on our experiences, our successes and struggles and what we learn from every event, including our reactions to it.


Essential human experiences are in the bowl of consciousness but they tell us about the bowl, not the content of it. These are the five sensory experiences that all humans have. In this way, humans can only perceive life through the five senses, even concepts bigger than the five senses such as “forever” are understood in terms of the five senses. However, once we experience multisensory perception, the shape of the bowl changes and everything is new. Five sensory experiences are understood through intellect. But intellect cannot help with multisensory perception as it wasn’t designed to understand this.

These experiences are on a much larger scale. People start to experience these through unlikely coincidences (someone calls you as you think about calling them). The more you become comfortable with multisensory perception, the more you find these experiences natural, not frightening. Evolutionary speaking, this is happening very fast. In a few generations, people won’t be able to imagine life without multisensory perception.

We see this in our community. Things that seemed impossible or crazy become common place. After a few months of this, it is very difficult to return to the “ordinary” world as perception has changed so dramatically.


The five senses detect the physical. Multisensory perception detects wisdom, compassion, intelligence, purpose and existence beyond the physical. These give the five sense more, they don’t replace them.

Hunches become more potent, even five sensory individuals experience these and regret not paying attention to them or are glad they did. Coincidences feel normal. Things happen the same as before but how you perceive them is different. Life becomes meaningful, not random. You experience the consciousness of and a connection to the universe, it is wise, living and compassionate. You are not separate from other humans or any part of the universe. You realize when you treat others with kindness and compassion, everything is better.

In our community, multisensory perception allows us to connect on a deeper level to the people, animals and nature around us. We live with purpose and understand every event is an opportunity to learn and grow.


Five sensory people see their lives as only one event, like one character played by an actor. Multisensory people experience their lives as just one character of many they have previously played and will play. They don’t confuse people with the role they play. Frightened parts of your personality are just one role the actor plays, not the actor themselves.

In our community, we understand others sometimes have frightened parts of their personalities active and understand they are still committed to creating authentic power and can help them to recognize this when frightened parts are active.


When writing a book, this involves entering a deeper consciousness where it seems the ideas and story flow through you as if you aren’t writing the book alone, or maybe even at all. The more multisensory you become, the better and easier you can access this deeper consciousness. You meet guides and teachers you wouldn’t have found otherwise. They assist you to grow spiritually.

First discovering the enormity of the universe is like standing on a beach and looking out to the ocean. Even all the way to the horizon is only a small part of the ocean, you can’t fully imagine the rest of the ocean, how big it is, what it’s like. As such, more life is becoming visible to humans as we discover new values and goals and contribute gifts we didn’t know we had.

This is thrilling and challenging new ground to explore and has high potential for reward.

In our community, we are learning what entering a deeper consciousness means. Ideas flow quicker, content is created that matches exactly to our philosophy. Everyday our imaginations are stretched more by what we discover is possible.



Chapter 2


Universal Law of Creation – You create your experiences through the choices you make. Five sensory people believe they are characters in a play someone else has written. These people cannot see the connections between seemingly unconnected things, like two mountains joined underground. Five sensory humans believe actions create consequences. But multisensory humans know it is really the intention behind the action that creates the consequences.


Intention – part of consciousness, the reason and motivation for acting. An intention can create constructive or destructive consequences. The same information can be given, but the intention affects the outcome.


The Universal Law of Cause and Effect – every cause produces an effect. Every effect has a cause. Foundation of five sensory science. Non-physical causes such as intentions are also part of multisensory understanding. Multisensory humans can then see that seemingly unintended consequences are in fact not. Being aware of intentions helps you predict effect.


The Universal Law of Attraction – energy attracts energy. Fearful energy attracts others who are fearful. Loving energy attracts others who are loving.


Intuition – the voice of the non-physical world. Direct access to non-physical sources of wisdom and compassion.


Zukav gives the analogy of a mountain range that is almost exclusively underground. It is multisensory perception that makes visible that which is usually hidden.

In our community, we understand this as the tip of the iceberg, there is always more than what we first see.


Choosing to act with good intentions creates love and joy. Being aware of intentions allows you to understand past intentions you were unaware of at the time.

On our transformational journeys in our community, we seek to understand the intentions behind our actions and strive to work from loving intentions, not fearful ones.


Five-sensory people believe the world determines their beliefs. Multisensory people believe they can shape the world. If you believe the world is negative, you become negative and create a negative world. If you believe the world is positive, you act on that to create a positive and loving world. We experience ourselves as part of something bigger and so our values shift.

Five sensory think “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Multisensory think “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

In our community, we write our own story and know we have the power to shape the world. We know we see what we expect to see and so visualize positive outcomes.


Five sensory people believe “bad things happened to good people” etc. Multisensory people believe “appropriate things happen to all people all the time.” Nothing is random. There is no fate. Internal processes are more significant than external (when you have your interior aligned, it doesn’t matter what is happening outside – Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now and A New Earth).

In our community, this mentality helps us respond instead of react to circumstances. We know we are in control of and responsible for our own emotions and responses/ reactions to external circumstances


Five sensory perception is looking through a window and not being aware of what you see. Multisensory perception is looking into a mirror and becoming attracted to new goals. Cooperation, sharing, harmony and reverence become more attractive than competition, hoarding, discord and exploitation. This changes the reflection in your personal mirror.

This is the value shift from competition to cooperation that we experience in our community. Individual successes are a group success.


Multisensory perception doesn’t make people kinder, happier etc, it just makes people more aware. But with awareness, you can choose to be kinder and happier. Five sensory humans change circumstances or wait to be rescued. Multisensory humans change themselves.

This allows us to take control of our own lives and accept responsibility for ourselves. Greater emotional and environmental awareness allows us to make more responsible choices.


Everything is a learning opportunity and multisensory people know they are in the Earth School. As such, all experiences have purpose and meaning and the opportunity to grow spiritually.


Living in the wilderness, these lessons in the Earth School are learned faster and the meaning of them more clear.