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A Thank You Note

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Spruce Lake Mountains

Hi Kevan,

I’m sending you a little book with short stories along, that only take a few minutes to read each – that way it can be read little by little whenever there’s a free moment. I wish there was an audiobook to it, but it was written in 1993 so it has to be the old school way. The author of ‘Chicken Soup’, Jack Canfield, often gets quoted by Brendon Buchard as one of his role models and mentors who had always brought joy to his path and reminded him of the essentials in life. I’ve been reading many of these short stories myself, some of them just made me smile, some really touched my heart, but most of them made me think about one question: Am I giving everything I seek to receive in life? And am I making the difference I wish to see in this world? Well, for me personally the answer is not yes. One of the stories in the book essentially states: “It’s not about what comes back, it’s about what goes out” – that’s where true fulfillment originates.

I did start to apply this principle in my life and am wondering why I haven’t done it earlier. The truth though is that the past two years my life and my personality has changed so rapidly that it feels like I’ve been running a marathon. But you know about many parts of my story and my transformational journey, as you are the facilitator by creating the ranch as this unique environment.

That was a very long introduction for two words: THANK YOU!

The ranch has turned around my life and gave the challenge, inspiration and freedom to discover my purpose and define my values. My journey has just begun and I feel like I’m evolving every day. Indeed, without including me in your current project I’d never listened to the remarkable book, gotten active in the wilderness jobs community and stumbled on other books, authors and podcasts (didn’t even know what a podcast was before, haha!) and so wouldn’t have stumbled on the little book I’m sending you.

The difference the ranch has made in my personal growth applies to many other people that had the same opportunities to grow and evolve during, and most importantly, after the time at the ranch. This impact accumulates as everyone who went through this transformation, will pass some of their insights and values on to their circle of influence and then they’ll pass it on to their peers – and on it goes (there’s a good story on impacts in the book too!)

I’m glad that places like the ranch exist and thankful that I have the opportunity to support this culture. It makes me believe in the unlimited possibility for making a difference in this world – and I know so do other people.

Thank you for having this impact!

Fenja, Germany